Coffee Kids

Region: Ocotepeque Varietals: Catimore, Caturra, Parainema, Catuai Rojo and Ihcafe90, Costa Rica and Lempira. Altitude Range: 1,200-1,600 MASL Harvest Months: February- April Wet Mill Process: Fully Washed Drying Method: Patios, African Elevated beds, and Solar Dryers. Cup profile: SCA 83 + Availability: 1,500 bags/60kg [...]

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Region: Ocotepeque and Copan. Varietals: Caturra, Parainema, Bourbon, Ihcafe90, Catuai and Lempira. Altitude Range: 1,100-1,700 MASL Harvest Months: January- April Wet Mill Process: Fully Washed and Semi-Washed Drying Method: Patios, African beds, and Solar Dryers. Cup profile: SCA 82- 84.5 Availability: 9,500 bags/60kg [...]


Recuperando Mi Cafetal

Sourced: Directly from producers of the program Region: Lempira, Santa Barbara Varieties: IH90, Catuai, Caturra ,Lempira, and Bourbon Altitude Range: 1,100-1,600 MASL Harvest Months: January-March Wet Mill Process: Fully Washed Drying Method: Africans beds, Patios Cup Profile: SCA 83.00 + Availability: 3,000 bags/60kg [...]

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Lenca Genuino

Sourced: - Region: West origin, Honduras Varieties: - Altitude Range: from 1,200 to 1,600 MASL Harvest Months: normally from January through April Wet Mill Process: washed Drying Method: sun-dried Cup Profile: - Availability: - Taste characteristics: Rich well balanced flavor with delicious, intense and [...]

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Sourced: Directly from women Region: Lempira and Ocotepeque Varieties: IH90, Catuai, Caturra, Lempira and Bourbon Altitude Range: 1,100-1,650 MASL Harvest Months: January-April  Wet Mill Process: Fully Washed  Drying Method: Africans beds, Patios, and Solar dryers Cup Profile: SCA 83.00 + with a tart apple, [...]


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