Directly from women

Lempira and Ocotepeque

IH90, Catuai, Caturra, Lempira and Bourbon

Altitude Range:
1,100-1,650 MASL

Harvest Months:

 Wet Mill Process:
Fully Washed

 Drying Method:
Africans beds, Patios, and Solar dryers

Cup Profile:
SCA 83.00 + with a tart apple, juicy, savory, clean flavor.

8,000 bags/60kg

From the Greek language, we have created our new brand called GEA. This coffee embodies the determined spirit of women. Despite all the challenges they face, some do it because they were left behind by a partner who migrated in search of a better life, passed away, or simply because of a passion for coffee. Women across Honduras, and especially in rural areas, are determined to seize the opportunities presented to them.

BECAMO receives coffee from more than 300 women producers, some of whom are members of the Lenca and Chortis ethnic groups. They belong to different cooperatives in different regions and are an important part of the coffee trade in Honduras.

Most women coffee producers wake before dawn to care for their loved ones before going to the fields. They also give other women to work on the picking during the harvest. And afterward, they approach wet milling and drying with extra care. Cooperative members are used to being there for one another, whenever they’re going through adversity or trying a new processing method.
They have shown their ability to take a rough patch of land and turn it into a successful coffee farm, in part by planting timber and fruit alongside their coffee crops, to increase shade and soil moisture and to encourage microclimates that bring complexity and quality to the cup.