Leaving Footprints in Education and Health

Becamo is nationally and internationally recognized for its contribution to the improvement of human development, prioritizing the respect for the environment and supporting its producers. We have inaugurated a pilot program to assist families and communities in health and education. During the first phase of [...]

Leaving Footprints in Education and Health2023-07-10T16:11:16+02:00

Quality is a Journey, Not the Destination

When it comes to the knowledge, most of our producers have been inherited with the best practices from past generations, with the right use of technology we are able to take this know-how and combine it with innovative ideas that will not only lead us [...]

Quality is a Journey, Not the Destination2023-07-10T16:13:14+02:00

Searching for the Perfect Singularity

Our technical assurance team is in constant search for the right microclimates on the highest mountains, enclosing the most exotic Arabica varieties, but more than this, we focus on the right people: We search for highly committed producers, not only to their farms but also to [...]

Searching for the Perfect Singularity2023-07-10T16:21:34+02:00

We Promote Fair Commercial Conditions

Our producers are an essential part of the supply chain; everyone lives up to their commitments and together we celebrate the premium for quality, this is paid to them when our clients buy the product, this provides evidence of the positive economic impact the program [...]

We Promote Fair Commercial Conditions2023-07-10T16:15:48+02:00


An extensive and detailed traceability is a key tool for our customers, it helps them work on its marketing ideas and also link their audience with the human faces behind the bean. We are fully committed to providing our clients with as much information as [...]


Custom Made Elevated Beds

During the past weeks, we have been introducing our producers with guidelines that will help them create the perfect elevated beds with the right measurements and materials. We believe in learning-by-doing, so our team builds the first elevated bed with the producers by following a [...]

Custom Made Elevated Beds2023-07-10T16:19:12+02:00

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