We call Singularity to the creation of a coffee profile tested and challenged in different mountains and farms through the use of strict wet mill protocols. Our data base comprises hundreds of trials giving enough statistical weight to the unique characteristics found in a specific singularity. Each Singularity, this being a Finca Dulce, a Finca Especial or the famous Finca Reserva, appearing on the offering list has a “send me a sample” or “make an order” action button where you can fill a short format and one of our customer service members will promptly reach you to define the time and place where you want the sample to be sent as well as other specifications to make sure it meets all your requirements and be of your liking. Or if you want things to be done urgently, send us a WhatsApp message to +504 9986 9157 / +504 9496 4723 and you’ll be amazed on how fast your request will be completed.