13°49’38.8″N 86°35’00.7″W

Region :
El Paraiso

Catuai, Catuai amarillo, Lempira, Pacamara

Altitude Range:
800-1,300 MASL

Harvest Months:
January – April

Wet Mill Process:
Washed, Semi-washed and Prolonged fermentation

Drying Method:
Patios, African Elevated bed, and Solar Dryers

Exporter & Milling:
BECAMO (Beneficio de Cafe Montecristo S.A)

SCA 81.0 – 84.0

1,100 bags/69kg

Santa Elena Estate is located in the coffee region of El Paraiso in the south of Honduras, bordering Nicaragua. The fertility of the soil, rain patterns, and altitude range made this department a suitable land to grow coffee.The name of the farm comes in honor of the first owner ´s wife. In 2010 the owner of the farm Mario Segura bought the farm and started to produce coffee in his 360 hectares. Nowadays this farm generates jobs for more than eight hundred people.

With the amount of coffee that the farm was producing, don Mario had to build a new wet mill with a larger capacity in order to increase efficiency in the usage of water. State of the art wet mill has the options to process without fermentation or with fermentation.

As part of the work that the specialty division has with the farm, there is a quality control technician which supervise the farm, starting from the good Agronomical practices to the harvest and process. Our technician selects the plots and the varieties that go to the separation process and follows the whole procedure until coffee is dried.