Hacienda Montecristo

14°51’40.6″N 88°46’53.8″W


Ihcafe 90, Catuai, Caturra, Parainema and Pacamara

Altitude Range:
950-1250 MASL

Harvest Months:
November – March

Wet Mill Process:
Fully washed, Semi- washed

Drying Method:
African beds, and Mechanical Dryers

6,000 bags /60kg

Farm Size:
Has a total extension of  754.7 hec,
279.52 hec. are cultivated with coffee, the rest is pastures and forest.

Social Responsibility:
Having a School on the Farm allows to give a strong education program for 125 kids. Which opens new opportunities for families and community members around the farm.

Hacienda Montecristo has been in the family since 1916, over five generations. It has 279.52 hec, cultivated with coffee, making it his main product.

They are very careful in the process and use environmentally friendly organic nutrients, and every coffee bean is monitored to have the right drying and milling.

It is located in the Mayan Mountains of the municipality of Veracruz in the department of Copán, 15 kilometers from the provincial capital, Santa Rosa, in western Honduras with a mild sub-tropical climate. All these coffee is grown under a combination of native forest trees and selected species.

Through the application of good agricultural practice and its for its uniqueness, it has international recognition and it is certified by Rainforest Alliance, 4C, UTZ and Starbucks C.A.F.E. Practices.


The diversity of flora and fauna make the farm a natural wonder, many bird species have been seeing in the area. Which draw the attention of a group of biologists who started a documentation of the fauna, find out that Hacienda Montecristo is home for more than 110 bird species including the Double-toothed kite and the Esmerald Toucanet among others.